2017: The Centennial Plan

Since its founding in 1914, Johnson & Wales University’s fundamental purpose has been to support its students in fulfilling their professional aspirations. Through its unique approach to education, JWU has grown from a small local secretarial school to a national university attracting students from around the globe.

JWU Centennial PlanAccelerating JWU’s Evolution
2017: The Centennial Plan accelerates this evolution. Its accomplishment will make JWU the foremost university offering relevant education that inspires professional success and lifelong personal and intellectual growth.

The plan advances the remarkable success of the university’s previous strategic plan, FOCUS 2011. Transformative in its results, the plan boldly raised the bar on academic excellence, student selectivity and affordability — while strengthening the university’s organizational and financial foundation.

Investing in JWU’s Future
These areas of emphasis will remain central in 2017. Our approach will include new goals as we aim to achieve even higher aspirations.

2017 will make an unprecedented investment in Johnson & Wales’ future, strengthening its status as an innovative leader whose education is recognized as an effective 21st-century model of higher education.

The university will invest in:

Student Engagement
Student Potential
The Foundation

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FOCUS 2011: Strengthening JWU

FOCUS 2011 represented a dramatic shift in direction for JWU as it sought to be a better, not bigger, university. Now that the university has unveiled 2017: The Centennial Plan, learn more about the success of FOCUS 2011.  read more