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  • What kind of student experience are you looking for? Our Providence, North Miami, Denver and Charlotte campuses offer the same quality JWU education in 4 distinct settings.

    Beyond the campus, the cities we call home have their own dynamic mix of professional opportunities, culture and urban adventure. Big or small, east or west, mountains or ocean — you’ll find it at JWU.

  • VIDEO: Students Sum Up JWU in 2 Words

    JWU + Providence in 2 Words
    Students sum up JWU in one word, share quick first impressions of Providence — and tell you what they're most excited about this year.

    Our students say JWU is:

    • Exciting
    • Friends
    • Fun
    • Diverse
    • Hectic
    • A good time
    • Family

    How will you describe JWU? Learn more about life at our Providence Campus.

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