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  • Dear Parents,

    Congratulations on the acceptance of your son or daughter to Johnson & Wales University! I am pleased to welcome you into the JWU family.

    As your son or daughter embarks on this new adventure, like all parents, you may have some uncertainty, along with excitement about your child’s next four years.

    We want to make sure the transition to JWU is as smooth as possible. We are here to assist and support both of you in planning for this experience. Orientation is the first step on this journey filled with wonderful learning experiences for both you and your child.

    When you bring your child to campus, please be prepared to say goodbye for the next 3 days and begin phasing into your new role as advisor, cheerleader, and supporter. The change in your roles is not an easy one, but it is very important.

    To assist you with your transition into this new role, we have developed a half day parent orientation program. This program will equip you with important information, provide you with resources, give you an opportunity to meet university staff and administrators, and allow you to ask questions about the college experience at JWU.

    The remaining sessions are open for you to enjoy with your son or daughter because we realize that today’s families are involved with their child’s education. This is an exciting time and we welcome your involvement through attendance at presentations and taking time to connect with other parents and students.

    We understand that preparation for college has involved hard work and sacrifice. At JWU, we understand your commitment and thank you for entrusting us with your child’s education. We set our standards high, expect the best, and believe our students deserve no less. We look forward to helping you support and guide your child’s success.

    Roxanne Vogel, director, Campus Events

    Parent Ambassadors Working for Students (PAWS) is our parents association, which helps you stay connected to your student and our campus community. Sign up for our PAWS newsletter to stay updated on campus news and events.

    A parent’s guide to opening doors to communication with their college child (72KB PDF)

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