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  • Academic Assessment

    You will be taking an academic placement exam during your Orientation session.

    With few exceptions, JWU requires all new students to undergo academic assessment in math and sentence skills to assist with placement in general studies courses.

    The results of these assessments will help generate an appropriate class schedule based on your individual skill levels and abilities.

    Students who meet the following criteria are not required to complete Math and Science skills testing:

    • Awarded transfer/AP credit for both ENG 1020 and MATH 1002 (or any Algebra or higher math course)
    • Awarded transfer/AP credit for courses MATH 1002, MATH 1012 or MATH 1020 (or any Algebra or higher math course)

    You can review the Accuplacer study guides.

    Disabilities If you have a documented disability and are requesting testing accommodations, forward your documentation at least 2 weeks before your scheduled assessment to ensure appropriate accommodations can be arranged.

    No accommodations will be provided without appropriate documentation or if documentation is submitted on the day of assessment.

    Contact the Center for Academic Support at 305-892-7026 for more information.

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