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    Living on campus creates a world of opportunities for you. Not only do you meet new people and experience a new environment, you get the chance to become involved within JWU as well as the surrounding community. From participating in fun and educational activities, to community service, to leadership opportunities, on-campus living can shape your college career and enhance your personal and professional growth.

    Read on to learn about your residence hall options, cost, amenities, and the many benefits which await you.

    Why Should You Live On Campus? Live close to everything. Living on campus means you won’t sit in traffic wondering if you’ll make it to class on time; which means more hours of sleep or time to do what you want to do. And the residence halls are often a quick walk or short bus ride to classes, dining halls, recreation areas, on-campus jobs, local restaurants, shops, and more! It’s all included. Pay one bill. Your amenities are included with your on-campus housing: high speed internet connection, cable TV, electricity, heat and water. Eating in the dining halls is also included.

    Activities, Events & Leadership Opportunities With a variety of clubs, organizations and athletics, there’s always something going on. Want to get involved? You can get involved in your own residence hall. Each residence hall has a hall council and dedicated staff which offer exciting programs and events in your hall every month.

    Friendships Abound Many residents make life-long friends living in the residence halls. The support network, which often develops in your living environment, enhances your college experience and contributes to your academic success. Becoming a member of the campus community helps you gain valuable experience essential to today’s diverse workplace.

    Want Options? We’ve got options. Double? Suite-style? With a choice of building and room type, special living communities and price ranges, where else would you find so many options in one place?

    Academic Success Here are some statistics: Those who live on campus have a 10-15% better chance of doing well in college. Studies have shown residence hall students may: Earn higher grades, take more credits, and be more likely to graduate.

    We’re here to help. Each hall is staffed by a full-time professional Resident Director along with a team of highly trained Resident Assistants who are students just like you. Together these in-hall staff members assist you with your transition to college life.

    Off Campus Students Students seeking to live off campus are recommended to arrive no earlier than 3 days before the start of each term. Off-campus students will be transported to the Best Western Windsor Inn upon arrival.