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  • Dear Parents:

    Congratulations on the acceptance of your son or daughter to Johnson & Wales University. By choosing to study in the United States, your child will join a community of students and scholars from around the world who study and live in the United States. The international community consists of more than half a million students, making the United States host to the largest number of international students of all countries in the world. At Johnson & Wales, almost over 1700 international students have selected to study with us. The North Miami campus of Johnson & Wales is home to almost 200 international students.

    For most international students and their parents, preparation for study in the United States has involved hard work and sacrifice. At Johnson & Wales University, we understand your commitment and thank you for entrusting us with your child’s education. We set our standards high, expect the best, and believe our students deserve no less.

    As your son or daughter embarks on this new adventure, like all parents, you may have some uncertainty, along with excitement about your child’s international experience. We want to make sure the transition to Johnson & Wales University is as smooth as possible; we are here to assist and support both of you in planning for this experience.

    Below is important information that will help guide you and your child, beginning with a safe arrival at Johnson & Wales University. If you have any questions, please contact the International Admissions Office at 305-892-7060. You may also email us.

    Your support, enthusiasm, and guidance are important for your child’s success. By studying in America, your child has chosen to further enrich his or her own life. We hope your son or daughter will use what is learned through this international experience to also enrich the lives of others, beginning with you.

    Roxanne Vogel
    Director, Campus Events

    International Parent Information Guide

    The I-20 Form Your child is being admitted to the United States to attend the school that issued his/her I-20 form, Johnson & Wales University. Using an initial I-20 from one school to gain admission to the United States to attend another school is violation of U.S. immigration law. Students must attend the institution that furnished the I-20 Form for at least one semester before attempting to transfer elsewhere.

    Reservation Fee All students are requested to submit their $300 reservation fee online. The reservation fee reserves a student’s residence hall space for those choosing to live in the residence hall. In addition, the receipt of the reservation fee will hold a student’s place in class and create a class schedule.

    Medical Forms It is very important for all students to complete the medical form prior to arriving at Johnson & Wales University. Completing the immunizations in your home country will be less expensive than in the U.S. The medical form is enclosed in the Student Acceptance Guide.

    Health Insurance In the USA, the government does not pay the expense of the health care of its citizens or visitors. Students are responsible for the cost of their own health care. A single day or hospitalization or medical treatment in the USA can cost thousands of dollars, so you need to be prepared. At Johnson & Wales, all undergraduate and graduate students enrolled full time are automatically enrolled in the “Student Injury & Sickness Insurance Plan.” This program provides basic health insurance coverage and has limitations. Students and parents need to understand the limitations and acquire additional coverage as needed. Please refer to the Student Acceptance Guide for further information.

    Tuition Payment Set up your payment plan with Student Financial Services. It is best to send the tuition payment prior to your child’s arrival on campus. This will help prevent holds being placed on your child’s account and will allow your child to begin classes on time. We do not recommend that your child arrive with large amounts of cash. Payments can be made via wire transfer or credit card. Please refer to the Student Acceptance Guide for payment plan options.

    Housing If your child chooses to live in the Residence Hall, please be sure the $300 reservation fee is paid online and an online housing application is completed. The housing application can only be completed when the University receives the reservation fee.

    Off-Campus Housing Assistance Most students can find and move into an apartment within two days of their arrival. Students will decide which apartment best meets their needs and sign the lease with the landlord or rental agency. The University will not be involved in the signing of a contract or a lease. A lease is strictly between the student and the landlord or rental agency.

    Travel Plans/Hotel Accommodations Please email or fax to us your child’s travel plans. Hotel accommodations will be arranged once the travel plans are sent to us. Our fax number is 305-892-7020 and our email is tess.schmitzberger@jwu.edu. It is very important that your child arrives on the recommended arrival dates. Please refer to the Student Acceptance Guide for the arrival dates.
    International Student Travel Form (88K PDF)

    Student Acceptance Guide Please refer to your child’s Student Acceptance Guide for all detailed pre-arrival information, necessary forms, and emergency telephone numbers.

    International Admissions Office: 305-892-7060, Fax 305-892-7020
    Email: tess.schmitzberger@jwu.edu