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  • First Year Experience Seminar

    Students entering college for the first time are in the process of developing academically, intellectually, personally, socially, and emotionally (and often without the direct support of established social networks). All new students entering JWU will be registered for First Year Experience Seminar. This mandatory seminar serves as an introduction to higher education and guides you through a general orientation and transition into JWU. It provides a setting for various issues to be addressed to help you adapt to your new environment and equips you with all that JWU considers to be indispensable tools for success. In addition, it enables you to acquire a balance between personal freedom and social responsibility as you develop an understanding of the learning process and engage in a most successful university experience. The First Year Experience Seminar provides new students with a proactive approach to tackling challenges most often faced by new college students.

    Upon completion of the First Year Experience seminar, you will have the necessary tools and knowledge to understand the issues first-year students face; develop and learn adaptive study skills, critical thinking skills, and success skills; recognize and adapt to a variety of instructional methods used by instructors; meet their institutional needs and contribute to their campus and surrounding communities; recognize and develop personal competencies, including talents, values, personal characteristics, and academic goals, in order to be a productive student; and establish an appreciation and respect for multiculturalism and diversity.