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    JWU requires all new students to participate in an Academic Assessment in the areas of math and sentence skills. The results of all assessment activities will help generate an appropriate class schedule based on individual student skill levels and abilities.

    Students should have completed the Academic Assessment while at New Student Orientation over the summer. Students unable to complete the Academic Assessment over the summer will be referred for testing upon arrival at Wildcat Welcome.

    Academic Assessment MUST be taken prior to beginning Wildcat Welcome.

    By not participating in the Academic Assessment over the summer or during Wildcat Welcome, a student’s commencement date may be delayed.

    Assessment preparation materials

    Reasons for Exemption If you received transfer or AP credit for both JWU ENG 1020 English Composition and MATH 1002 A Survey of College Mathematics (or any Algebra or higher-level math course) you are not required to attend Academic Assessment.

    Admissions will notify students when granting transfer credit. Transfer credits are also listed on jwuLink (http://link.jwu.edu)

    Learn more about Placement Testing for more information, or call the Center for Academic Support at 980-598-1500.