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    Effective Sat, Sep 1-Mon, Sep 3 only.
    Last bus leaves at 12am from Gaebe Commons to all residence halls.
    The regular academic year bus schedule will begin Sep 4.

    Harbor View
    To Harborside:
    7:20am 10:05am 1:35pm 5:05pm 8:10pm
    7:30am 10:20am 1:50pm 5:15pm 8:40pm
    7:40am 10:30am 2:00pm 5:25pm 9:10pm
    7:50am 10:45am 2:10pm 5:35pm 9:40pm
    8:00am 10:55am 2:20pm 5:50pm 10:10pm
    8:10am 11:05am 2:30pm 6:05pm 10:55pm
    8:20am 11:30am 2:45pm 6:15pm 11:25pm
    8:30am 11:40am 3:00pm 6:30pm 11:55pm
    8:55am 11:50am 3:10pm 6:40pm
    9:05am 12:00pm 3:20pm 6:50pm
    9:15am 12:15pm 3:55pm 7:00pm
    9:25am 12:55pm 4:05pm 7:10pm
    9:35am 1:05pm 4:15pm 7:20pm
    9:45am 1:15pm 4:25pm 7:40pm
    9:55am 1:25pm 4:50pm 8:00pm
    To Gaebe Commons: 
    Students can take the bus from Harbor View to Harborside then transfer to the bus going to Gaebe Commons.
    Wal-Mart Returns
    Wal-Mart to Harborside & Gaebe: 
    12:30pm 3:00pm 5:00pm
    2:00pm 4:00pm
    Gaabe Commons
    To Harborside and Harbor View:
    7:00am 8:45am 10:15am 11:45am 1:45pm 3:15pm 5:00pm 6:45pm 8:30pm 10:00pm 11:30pm
    7:15am 9:00am 10:30am 12:15pm 2:00pm 3:30pm 5:15pm 7:15pm 8:45pm 10:15pm 11:45pm
    7:30am 9:15am 10:45am 12:30pm 2:15pm 3:45pm 5:30pm 7:30pm 9:00pm 10:30pm 12:00am
    7:45am 9:30am 11:00am 1:00pm 2:30pm 4:15pm 5:45pm 7:45pm 9:15pm 10:45pm
    8:00am 9:45am 11:15am 1:15pm 2:45pm 4:30pm 6:00pm 8:00pm 9:30pm 11:00pm
    8:15am 10:00am 11:30am 1:30pm 3:00pm 4:45pm 6:30pm 8:15pm 9:45pm 11:15pm
    To Xavier & Imperial:   To Wal-Mart: 
    7:00pm 8:15pm 10:00pm 11:45pm 10:15am  1:30pm
    7:15pm 8:30pm 10:15pm 12:00am 11:30am
    7:30pm 8:50pm 11:00pm
    7:45pm 9:20pm 11:15pm
    8:00pm 9:35pm 11:30pm
    To Renaissance & The Cove: To Radisson on Monday Sept. 3rd only:
    7:30am 11:45am 4:15pm 8:30pm 8:25am 2:45pm 10:00pm
    8:00am 12:45pm 4:45pm 9:30pm  10:50am 5:30pm 11:00pm
    8:45am 1:15pm 5:15pm 10:00pm 12:30pm 7:30pm 12:00am
    9:15am 1:45pm 6:00pm 10:30pm 1:40pm 8:20pm
    9:45am 2:15pm 6:30pm 11:00pm
    10:15am 2:45pm 7:00pm 11:30pm To Radisson via RIPTA #20 Sun and Mon only
    10:45am 3:15pm 7:30pm 12:00am 6:17am 10:02am 1:52pm 5:42pm
    11:15am 3:45pm 8:00pm 6:56am 10:48am 2:38pm 6:28pm
    7:44am 11:34am 3:24pm 7:14pm
    8:30am 12:20pm 4:10pm 7:42pm
    9:16am 1:06pm 4:56pm
    To Gaebe Commons:
    7:15am 10:00am 1:00pm 3:30pm 6:00pm 9:00pm
    7:30am 10:15am 1:15pm 3:45pm 6:15pm 9:15pm
    7:45am 10:30am 1:30pm 4:00pm 7:00pm 9:30pm
    8:00am 10:45am 1:45pm 4:15pm 7:15pm 9:45pm
    8:15am 11:00am 2:00pm 4:30pm 7:30pm 10:00pm
    8:30am 11:15am 2:15pm 4:45pm 7:45pm 10:15pm
    9:00am 11:30am 2:30pm 5:00pm 8:00pm 10:30pm
    9:15am 12:00pm 2:45pm 5:15pm 8:15pm 10:45pm
    9:30am 12:15pm 3:00pm 5:30pm 8:30pm 11:00pm
    9:45am 12:45pm 3:15pm 5:45pm 8:45pm 11:15pm
    To Harbor View:
    7:15am 9:30am 11:45am 2:25pm 5:20pm 7:55pm
    7:25am 9:40am 11:55am 2:40pm 5:30pm 8:00pm
    7:35am 9:50am 12:05pm 2:55pm 5:40pm 8:30pm
    7:45am 10:00am 12:50pm 3:05pm 6:00pm 9:00pm
    7:55am 10:15am 1:00pm 3:15pm 6:10pm 9:30pm
    8:05am 10:25am 1:10pm 3:50pm 6:25pm 10:10pm
    8:15am 10:40am 1:20pm 4:00pm 6:35pm 10:40pm
    8:25am 10:50am 1:30pm 4:10pm 6:45pm 11:10pm
    8:50am 11:00am 1:45pm 4:20pm 6:55pm 11:40pm
    9:00am 11:10am 1:55pm 4:45pm 7:05pm
    9:10am 11:25am 2:05pm 5:00pm 7:15pm
    9:20am 11:35am 2:15pm 5:10pm 7:30pm
    To Wal-Mart: 
    10:50am 12:15pm   2:40pm 
    Xavier to Gaebe: 
    7:05pm 8:05pm 9:25pm 11:05pm
    7:20pm 8:20pm 9:40pm 11:20pm
    7:35pm 8:35pm 10:05pm 11:35pm
    7:50pm 8:55pm 10:20pm 11:50pm
    Imperial to Gaebe:
    7:10pm 8:25pm 10:10pm 11:55pm
    7:25pm 8:40pm 10:25pm
    7:40pm 9:00pm 11:10pm
    7:55pm 9:30pm 11:25pm
    8:10pm 9:45pm 11:40pm
    The Cove
    To Gaebe Commons:
    7:20am 11:05am 3:05pm 6:50pm 10:50pm
    7:50am 11:35am 3:35pm 7:20pm 11:20pm
    8:20am 12:05pm 4:05pm 7:50pm 11:50pm
    9:05am 1:05pm 4:35pm 8:20pm
    9:35am 1:35pm 5:05pm 8:50pm
    10:05am 2:05pm 5:35pm 9:50pm
    10:35am 2:35pm 6:20pm 10:20pm
    Renaissance Hall
    To Gaebe Commons: 
    7:10am 11:25am 3:55pm 8:10pm
    7:40am 11:55am 4:25pm 8:40pm
    8:10am 12:55pm 4:55pm 9:40pm
    8:55am 1:25pm 5:25pm 10:10pm
    9:25am 1:55pm 6:10pm 10:40pm
    9:55am 2:25pm 6:40pm 11:10pm
    10:25am 2:55pm 7:10pm 11:40pm
    10:55am 3:25pm 7:40pm
    To Gaebe on Mon, Sep 3 only!
    8:00am 12:45pm 5:50pm 10:15pm
    8:45am 2:00pm 7:45pm 11:15pm
    11:10am 3:00pm 8:45pm
    Radisson to Gaebe via RIPTA #20: Sun and Mon only!
    6:05am 9:53am 1:43pm 5:33pm
    6:53am 10:39am 2:29pm 6:19pm
    7:35am 11:25am 3:15pm 7:05pm
    8:20am 12:10pm 4:00pm 7:50pm
    9:07am 12:57pm 4:47pm