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  • When does the Charlotte Campus commencement take place? Saturday, May 24, 2014, at the Time Warner Cable Arena, 333 E Trade Street, Charlotte, NC. The ceremony begins at 10am. Graduates must arrive at 9am for line up. The arena main doors open at 9am.

    What are the criteria for having my name included in the 2014 commencement program? For participation in the commencement ceremony and inclusion in the commencement program, degree seeking students must fall into one of the following categories:

    • Awarded degree in the fall 2013 or winter 2013-2014 terms.
    • Enrolled in the spring term and have an expected graduation date of spring 2014, summer 2014 or fall 2014.

    What time do the doors open at the Time Warner Cable Arena? The main entrance opens at 9am for families and guest. Students enter through the loading dock off Brevard Street.

    Are tickets needed to attend commencement? No. Students may invite as many friends and family members as they wish.

    What about commencement invitations? Personalized commencement announcements may be ordered from the university bookstore, but should be ordered in advance to ensure timely receipt. You may contact the bookstore at 908-598-1250.

    How long does the commencement ceremony usually last? The ceremony will last approximately two to two and one half hours. If you are making luncheon reservations, please allow some extra time to be on the safe side.

    Is there a way to know where I will be sitting? There is no assigned seating. Students march in with others by college and sit with their friends.

    Do the students sit in alphabetical order? No. Students are given an index card with their name printed on it when they arrive. This is handed to the person on stage announcing the graduates.

    What is a Student Loan Exit Counseling Session? What does completing the information have to do with picking up my cap and gown? Students with student loans are required to complete an exit counseling session with SAFS prior to leaving school. Those students who are on co-op will receive their student loan exit counseling paperwork, along with the cap and gown form in the mail.

    Are photos taken of students receiving their diplomas? Yes. Graduation Images will be taking photos of each student and will contact the student directly with the opportunity to purchase photos. Students are under no obligation to buy the photos. For more information about photos, go to

    Do students receive their diplomas at commencement? No. Graduates and expected graduates receive a diploma cover containing a letter from the president of the Charlotte Campus. Upon degree completion, official diplomas are mailed to the address specified on the student's graduation application (submitted applications are viewable in jwuLink, which also serves to ensure the student's name is spelled correctly.

    Is parking available for commencement ceremonies? There are ample private parking facilities in close proximity to the Time Warner Cable Arena. Rates will vary.

    Is there a special section for wheelchairs at the ceremony? Yes. Time Warner Cable Arena has several sections of wheelchair-accessible spaces available on the concourse level.

    Does Time Warner Cable Arena provide wheelchairs? No. If a member of your party requires ambulatory assistance you must provide your own wheelchair.
    We need your support in making this day even more memorable. The university realizes the significance of this day, and wants to ensure that all students' academic achievements are recognized with respect. To achieve this, students are notified that disorderly conduct, rowdiness, or the presence of alcohol or drugs will be grounds for immediate ejection, and may result in their diploma being retained by the university.

    If you have any further questions, call 980-598-1020.