• JWU Charlotte Campus Home
  • Arriving on Campus  

    Sessions 1, 2 Transfer and returning learner students.
    Arrive at the student center Mon, 7:15am.

    Sessions 3, 4, 5, 7 Arrive at the student center Sun, 5:45–7pm.

    Those exempt from overnight stay: Indicate exemption on your registration.
    Check-in at the student center Mon, 7:30am.

    Session 6 Garnish Your Degree students.
    Check in at the student center Sat, Aug 3, 8:15–8:45am.

    Session 8 Check-in process for this final session will be different than the previous orientation sessions:

    • Students living on campus: Move into your room Mon, Sep 2
    • Students not living on campus: Check-in at our student center Tue, Sep 3, 7:30am

    More information about the move-in process will be sent via email as session 8 approaches.

    Exemptions You may be exempt from staying in the residence halls if you are a:

    • Married student
    • Single parent
    • Students aged 21+

    Please indicate exemption on your registration.