Facebook Intern Dishes Up Deliciousness

Student Stephen Owens Facebook Intern with JWU Alum

Ever wondered what it’s like behind the scenes at Facebook? “Incredible” and “inspiring,” says JWU student Stephen — his internship at Facebook’s California headquarters changed his perception of how good high-volume food can be.

Facebook’s kitchens serve 7,000+ meals every day. But even with menus changing daily, the food's never institutional. “I was amazed at the quality,” Stephen says.

Plus, he works with Chef Josef Desimone, a JWU grad who runs Facebook's kitchen's worldwide.

Here’s what Stephen has to say:

Stephen Owens '13 interns in Facebook kitchenQ&A: Facebook Culinary Internship
With Stephen Owens '13
From Red House, West Virginia
Culinary Arts major

1. How was your first day? It was crazy! I got off the plane and went right to Facebook to start prepping for a charity dinner. But once I got acclimated, it was amazing.

2. Did you like working with pro chefs? The line cooks and chefs were incredibly supportive, constantly showing me new, better ways of doing things: “That’s good, but what if you did it this way?”

3. Do you recommend this internship to students? Absolutely. Facebook’s Chef Josef would love to have more JWU students — he prefers them!

4. Describe life in Facebook’s main café. We cook for 1000+ people in 2.5 hours. It’s a lot to juggle: you need to be efficient and quick, but take pride in the food and make it taste good.

They stress quality. Chef Josef always says, “You get out what you put in.” And his crew absolutely does.

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