Institutional Research

Institutional Research supports Johnson & Wales University’s mission by promoting a campus culture in which decision-making at all levels is based on sufficient and appropriate quantitative and qualitative evidence.

The office carries out this aim by preparing standard statistical reports, conducting survey research and performing data analysis that provide an understanding of JWU’s internal operations and external environment. In addition, the office is responsible for ensuring that all institutional information supplied to external parties is accurate, consistent and timely in its delivery.


  • Helps ensure that university data is accurately and efficiently maintained on university databases.
  • Creates and maintains standard statistical reports on admissions, enrollment, retention, graduation, finance, faculty/staff and other critical institutional issues.
  • Designs (or selects pre-designed, nationally-normed) instruments on a broad array of institutional issues, administers them, analyzes results and presents findings to the campus community.
  • Supports planning, accreditation, and assessment projects and processes.
  • Completes IPEDS and other mandatory statistical reports for the university.
  • Completes the Common Data Set and other surveys for key college guide publishers.
  • Responds to ad hoc requests for information and analysis from faculty, staff and external parties when appropriate.

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George J. Rezendes, director, 401-598-2029
Eileen Richardson, institutional research analyst, 401-598-2898

Research Policies/Procedures
Research Policy Statement (10K PDF)
Research Policy Process (19K PDF)
Dissertation Research Policy (20K PDF)
Research Group Meetings Schedule (9K PDF)

Data Request Policies/Procedures
Data Request Policy (18K PDF)
Data Request Process (17K PDF)

Research Project Request Form: JWU Parties/Projects
This online form must be completed by internal JWU parties that wish to target JWU population(s) in research projects for university purposes.

Research Project Request Form: External Parties/Projects
This online form must be completed by parties outside of JWU that wish to target JWU population(s) in research projects, or by internal JWU parties that wish to target JWU population(s) for non-university related purposes.