To register:

  1. Log into jwuLink
  2. Go to the Welcome section, Register for Orientation (right side of the screen)
  3. Click on “Sign up for new student orientation
  4. You will be re-directed to the registration site

You will receive a confirmation shortly after your registration is complete.

  • Winter 2014: Register by Nov 10.
  • Spring 2015: Register by Feb 16.

Student Fee New students who have paid the $300 reservation fee may attend Orientation at no additional charge.

Summer Orientation
Are you an accepted, deposited student entering in the fall of 2015? Plan to attend a summer Orientation session — look for an information packet by mail in March 2015.

Additional details:

  • Summer Orientation includes two-night accommodations in our residence hall (quad occupancy), select meals, workshops and entertainment. Winter and Spring term orientation is a 1-day program.
  • Family Fee: Family members are encouraged to attend Orientation. Students can bring up to 3 immediate family members.
    Summer: $40 per person
    Winter/Spring: $25
  • Family fee includes: select meals and workshops. Orientation fees may not be prorated or refunded. Winter and Spring term orientation is a 1-day program.
  • Housing: Family members may NOT reside in campus housing. You must make arrangements for your own accommodations.
  • Transportation: JWU transportation is NOT available from area hotels to campus. Public transportation may be costly. Family members are strongly encouraged to rent a car.