Emergency Alerts

DENVER CAMPUS ALERT: Burglary 09.20.14


On Saturday, September 20, 2014, at 6:47 PM, a student reported that it appeared someone entered her room in Wales Hall through an open window and stole $40 in cash from a drawer. The student explained that she left her room at 1:00 PM and upon returning at approximately 6:30 PM, she discovered signs of someone apparently entering the room through the window.   

Campus Safety & Security continues to investigate this incident and requests anyone with information that may be helpful in identifying the person(s) responsible call 303-256-9300.

 Crime Prevention Tips:

  • Report persons climbing on the Johnson and Wales Hall awnings to Campus Safety & Security immediately
  • Report other suspicious persons and activity to Campus Safety & Security immediately.
  • Lock all doors and windows to your room when you leave.
  • Store valuables in secure and discreet locations.


General Information
Should an incident (natural or man-made) occur on or near any JWU campus we will post new, relevant information when appropriate.

Please keep in mind that access to any form of communication (email, web or telephone) may not be possible depending on the situation; therefore a response may not be immediate.

Refer to your campus for specific information. Questions related to campus operations must be directed to the appropriate campus contact in Providence, North Miami, Denver or Charlotte.