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  • You’re in the city where restaurants blossom around a booming financial center, and top hotels exude southern charm. Don’t just study what you love — get out into Charlotte and DO it.

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    Sarah's Sports Event Internship
    Sarah's a sports fanatic, and she’s worked NFL, NBA, NHL and PGA events at JWU. Now, at Charlotte Motor Speedways, she’s learning to manage large-scale pro sports events.

    “I made it my mission to work my butt off, to get as much Sports/Entertainment/Event Management degree experience as I could," Sarah says. So she jumped at the chance to do this internship.

    "I wasn’t a big NASCAR fan before this,” she admits. “But the more I got involved, you kind of fall in love with it — there’s a lot of things that are very similar to other sports companies that I’ve worked for, especially in events." Sarah's internship story

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