Computer Programming

In JWU’s Computer Programming associate degree program, acquire a broad-based foundation in the essential building blocks of programming languages and database structures.

Img Tech Computer Programing 1 170x150Focusing on the interrelation of programming and database structures, you’ll learn how to create innovative, flexible software solutions using current industry standards.

In your first year, you’ll study the fundamentals of computer programming and data structures.

Using a hands-on approach, apply knowledge of math, science and contemporary developments in the field to carry out software redesign and implementation.

Apply an understanding of programming techniques to create code modules, implement and test solutions that meet required software specifications.

Advanced programming courses focus on assembler language and object-oriented programming in C++, as well as the application of programming concepts at the systems level; advanced database courses deal with database concepts and design.

You may choose to continue your studies in our Software Engineering bachelor’s degree program.

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