Online Resources

Information online is not meant to substitute for a visit to Health Services. If you are concerned about your health, please stop in to Health Services. Our nurses and university physician are able to address all of your health concerns.

Fitness and Nutrition

Young Women’s Health For practical tips on stocking your fridge and room with healthy, quick snacks, this website has information for men and women. It also has information on navigating dining halls, starting a fitness routine, and other health issues for college students.

American Dietetic Association Get the basics on nutrition from the experts.

American Heart Association Dedicated to helping motivate women into moderate fitness routines, you can learn a 12-week plan that will help you get in shape.

Shape Up America Learn the basics of how to maintain a healthy weight, integrate strength training into your fitness routine, how much exercise is enough or too much, and lots of other information about food, weight, nutrition, and fitness.

National Eating Disorders Association Concerned about a friend’s eating habits? This website will introduce you to how to recognize potential eating disorders and how to get help.

Alcohol and Other Drugs

“Facts On Tap” A student-centered website that offers comprehensive information on alcohol and student life, alcohol and sex, alcohol and your body, sexual assault, self-screening tools, how to get help, and other drugs.

College Drinking: Changing the Culture To learn more about the real culture of college students, check out this section of the NIAAA’s report. It will not only debunk myths, but it has a BAC calculator, an interactive tutorial of how alcohol affects the body, and even a calorie counter to see how many calories are consumed by drinking alcohol.

General Health and Wellness Back pain, acne, stress, sleep, cold/flu/sore throat, body art, women’s health, men’s health, GLBT health, sports injury, digestive complaints, antibiotics, ear infection, headaches, relationships, sun protection, seatbelts, physical exams, etc, it’s all part of general health and wellness. Be choosy about where you get your health information online. We recommend looking at the following web resources for current, accurate health information on a variety of general health issues.

Sleepnet Did you know students need about 7-8 hours of sleep a night? Get practical tips on how to optimize your sleep and create a sleep-friendly environment.

Sexual Health Whether you are sexually active or have decided to stay abstinent, sexual health is an important issue to all college students. Sexual health is more than just safer sex, it can also be about Pap smears, breast or testicular exams, pregnancy options, sexual identity, and having accurate information to make informed choices about what’s right for you.

Health Services does not provide sexual health services, but students can visit Providence Medical, our off-campus healthcare site, for Pap smears, birth control prescriptions, STD and HIV testing, and other concerns.

Planned Parenthood The source for comprehensive sexual health information, this website will provide you with information on everything from gynecological exams to human sexuality.

Planned Parenthood of Rhode Island offers confidential routine reproductive health care, gynecological exams, breast and pelvic exams, Pap smears, men’s health, testicular cancer screenings, STD and HIV testing, abortion, birth control, and emergency contraception by appointment and for a fee. The Express clinic offers walk-in services, including fast STD tests and birth control prescriptions. Location: 111 Point Street, Providence, 401-421-9620; Express Clinic, 183 Angell Street (off Thayer): 401-383-4818.

Women’s Medical Clinic This clinic offers routine reproductive care, Pap smears, contraceptives, pregnancy testing, abortion services, options counseling, and ultrasound for a fee. Full-time students are eligible for a cash discount. Call 401-467-9111 for an appointment. Locaton: 1725 Broad Street, Providence.

Whitmarsh STD Clinic The state-funded STD clinic provides STD and HIV testing for $10 by appointment. Free Hepatitis B vaccines available during appointments for STD testing. Broad Med Building, 557 Broad Street, Providence, 401-444-0483.

The Wellness Company Located off Wickenden Street, this company offers student immunizations like Hepatitis A and B, HPV, and others. HPV vaccines are $156 per dose and you will need three doses over 6 months. RI residents under 19 can receive vaccinations for $15 through the RI Department of Health program delivered at this site. Students with RI Blue Cross and Blue Shield may be eligible to receive Hepatits A and HPV vaccines at no cost or co-pay. Location: 132 A George M. Cohan Blvd, Providence, 401-461-0662.

Association of Reproductive Healthcare Professionals This website is written by healthcare professionals and has great easy-to-understand information about birth control options.

Emergency Contraception This website covers everything you ever wanted to know about emergency contraception.

Go Ask Alice Afraid to ask it? Topics range from safer sex, reproduction, pregnancy, men’s health, women’s health, and more. Alice also answers questions on other health topics like fitness and nutrition.

American Social Health Association Learn about different STDs, support projects, and hotlines. ASHA also has a national HPV hotline, 877-HPV-5868 or 877-478-5868, where you can ask anonymous questions about HPV.

The Body One of the most comprehensive websites on HIV/AIDS, click on this to learn about HIV/AIDS basics, testing, support, prevention, and treatment. Maintained by GLBT healthcare professionals, this website addresses health concerns specific to the GLBT community.

Men’s Health Maintained by the Centers for Disease Control, learn about issues specific to men’s health. Also has a women’s health section.

AVERT For almost everything you want to know about condoms.

AIDS Project Rhode Island The state’s oldest AIDS service organization, APRI offers services for HIV-positive clients and prevention education.

The Women's Center Is dedicated to supporting and enhancing the academic, professional and personal development of women.