Doctoral Program in Education

Become the leader the education field needs with a Doctorate of Education (EdD) in Educational Leadership from Johnson & Wales University.

Learn to think and perform as a leader in different educational settings. Build the skills to promote excellence in teaching and learning, and recognize the need for change, evaluate the options — and lead change in education.

JWU's doctoral students, alumni and faculty were well represented at the 2012 National Student Affairs in Higher Education (NASPA) Conference in Arizona.More than 75% of JWU doctoral graduates have advanced to leadership positions.

We’ve awarded over 200 EdD degrees since we inaugurated our program in 1996.

Our student, alumni and faculty achievements include publishing, earning promotions and creating changed in the field.

Why? Because at JWU, you'll find:

Supportive Cohort Model
Progress through our program with a group, addressing educational challenges as a team. Develop a network of scholars to support your educational practice and sustain you through the program and your career.

Weekend Schedule
You’re a working professional — earn your degree without interrupting your career. Courses run for 10 weeks: Friday evenings, all-day Saturdays.

Small Classes with Education Experts
We keep our classes small, so you can actively engage in discussions and develop a personal relationship with professors who are active leaders in the education field, most recently presenting at the 2012 NEERO conference (11K PDF).

Dissertation with Real Applications
Our courses and comprehensive examination can help you narrow your focus to a researchable dissertation problem that deals with actual challenges in education, with recommendations for fixing those issues.

Relevant Course Work
Learn both the latest developments and most effective methods to impact educational practice as you complete coursework and degree requirements. Classes combine experiential, collaborative, project-based and interactive techniques with site visits and distinguished visiting professors.

Coursework includes problem-based, collaborative work focused on contemporary issues in education. Our program emphasizes applied research, enabling you to conduct and interpret research in educational programs, policies and practices

Tracks You’ll choose one of two distinct tracks:

  • Elementary/Secondary Education
  • Higher Education

Each track requires two years of course work: two six-credit courses for four terms, for a total of eight courses.

Catalog Course Information 

Program competencies guide coursework. Your mastery of these competencies is assessed during courses and as a major part of the comprehensive examination. If you are an EdD candidate, you’ll participate in a seminar series to assist you toward writing your dissertation.

Degree Requirements To earn your EdD, you must

  • Complete 60 credit hours of course work, including 12 credit hours on your dissertation
  • Maintain a cumulative GPA of at least 3.25
  • Maintain continuous enrollment, even during dissertation work
  • Pass the comprehensive assessment
  • Submit a dissertation proposal within 3 years of matriculation
  • Complete the program within 6 years of initial matriculation

The program director may extend deadlines for a valid reason.

Doctoral Program Brochure (491K PDF)

Student, Alumni & Faculty Accolades

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