For Faculty and Staff

Crisis Situations
Contact us immediately if you become aware of any student who is making direct or indirect references to suicide or who seems to be out-of-touch with reality.

Suicide Prevention Training

Counseling Services is launching a new suicide prevention training program called “Question, Persuade and Refer” (QPR). Each 2-hour session focuses on effective, timely intervention strategies to assist a student in distress. 

Classroom and Community Support
When unexpected crises occur (such as the death of a student), you may wish to invite us to your classroom or department to provide community support.We can assist you in discussing the tragedy and its impact on your class or department.

Classroom Presentations
Counseling Services staff also provides educational presentations on topics of psychological interest that may be relevant to your class. Topics may include stress management, dealing with alcohol and substance use, depression and suicide, listening and communication skills, etc.

Since Counseling Services provides short term individual services only, we often refer students with ongoing or chronic conditions to services within the community. You can help your student by informing them of insurance coverage or helping them to access that information. If you are concerned about a particular student, please contact us at 401-598-1016 .