Fraternity & Sorority Life

Joining Johnson & Wales University's Greek community is a great way for you to develop socially, intellectually and professionally within a single organization.

Greek Life at JWU: a great way to develop socially, intellectually and professionally.

You'll be challenged to push yourself, honing your leadership skills in addition to your cooperative spirit.

At the same time, you'll be supported by the close-knit social network of your Greek peers.

JWU's Providence Campus currently offers membership in 10 fraternities, 9 sororities and 2 social fellowships.

While all of these organizations are nationally or internationally affiliated, the university oversees the Greek community on campus.

The following fraternities and sororities are supported by and follow guidelines and regulations established by the university.

If you do not see the name of a particular organization listed, you should inquire about its current university status before joining. Students face possible disciplinary action for joining an unrecognized organization that has been banned or suspended. Educate yourself about a group’s affiliations before making a decision.

Outreach & Service
Being a member of a Greek organization means always being ready to lend a hand. Emphasizing community outreach as much as high scholastic achievement, activities include:

  • Peer tutoring and counseling
  • Chapter study hours
  • Special scholarships and awards
  • Philanthropic events, sponsored collectively by Greek organizations throughout the year.

Fraternities and sororities also participate in many social, service and university-sponsored events.

These range from Family Weekend, Greek Week, and socials with other Greek organizations to dinner dances and awards banquets.

Academic Achievement Reports
The following are the academic reports of all of our organizations per term. We strive to be at or above the All University average.