Advanced Leader Summit

The Advanced Leader Summit, which occurs during Spring Term, is open to all JWU students who have graduated from the Emerging Leader Series.

This series will delve deeper into core self-leadership, such as integrity and character. It will also cover connecting with others, leading more effectively and changing culture.

The Advanced Leader Summit utilizes the Social Change Model of Leadership Development as a framework.


  • Further developed leadership skills and knowledge
  • A deeper insight into your core self
  • Higher level of preparedness for professional and personal opportunities
  • Exposure to different concepts, ideas & ways of thinking
  • Shared experiences and ideas with fellow peers
  • Certification can be listed as an achievement on your resume

Advanced Leader Certification Requirements

  • Attend Advanced Leader Summit
  • Complete Advanced Leader Reflection Paper
  • Must Maintain a 2.75 g.p.a.

For more information, contact Student Involvement and Leadership.