Emerging Leader Series

The Emerging Leader Series, which occurs during Winter Term, is open to all JWU students who wish to begin or continue the journey of self leadership development. In this series, you’ll enhance the skills necessary to play a leadership role in a student organization as well as in the community.

A select group of students, nominated by JWU faculty and staff, will have the opportunity to participate in skill-building workshops held throughout the first and second terms. Participants are sent registration materials to be submitted by deadline for enrollment.

If you wish to enroll without nomination, email Student Involvement & Leadership to request registration materials.

The Emerging Leader Series utilizes the Social Change Model of Leadership Development as a framework for the program.


  • Valuable leadership skills and knowledge
  • Higher level of preparedness for professional and personal opportunities
  • Exposure to different concepts, ideas and ways of thinking
  • Shared experiences and ideas with fellow peers
  • Certification can be listed as an achievement on your resume

Emerging Leader Certification Requirements

  • Attend Emerging Leader Series Selection Meeting
  • Attend Emerging Leader Series Retreat & All Workshops
  • Must Maintain a 2.65 g.p.a.

Topics to Include: Defining Leadership, Leaders Know Themselves and Understand Others, Leaders Have Values and Act with Integrity, The Value of Working with Others, Inclusive Leadership

For more information, visit Student Involvement and Leadership.