Parking Permits

Parking permits for day school students are handled solely by the Office Student Academic & Financial Services. Resident and commuter students who plan to bring a vehicle on university property (with the exception of the JWU garage) must register their vehicle with their office upon arrival. When applying for any parking permit, you will need to know your license plate number to apply.

Fees For day school students, parking permits can be purchased online via  Permits can be picked up 24 hours after purchase at either the Downcity or Harborside Financial Services Office. The fee is pro-rated after the first term.  For resident and commuter students, the fee is $90 per year.  The fee is $60 if the permit is purchased at the beginning of the second term and $30 if purchased at the beginning of the third term. 

All payments for parking permits are made through the office of Student Financial Services (SFS) online via or in person at their location on Pine Street (Downcity Campus) or the first floor of the Friedman Center (Harborside Campus).

Commuter Students that park in the JWU garage only will be issued a free permit that will available at the garage office.

Temporary/visitor passes Safety & Security issues temporary parking permits, free of charge, to students and their guests for up to five days of use. (After five days, a university permit must be purchased.) 

Permits are issued to guests in the host student's name. Violations issued to "guest vehicles" will be charged to the host student. When applying for a temporary permit, guests must be accompanied by a host student; while on campus, they will be expected to observe the university's parking rules and regulations.

Temporary permits are valid only in designated parking areas and must be clearly visible. Temporary permits must be returned to Safety & Security upon expiration.

Transferring permits Parking permits are non-refundable and are only transferable to an alternate vehicle of the original owner with our prior approval.

Additional information regarding student vehicles on campus can be obtained from the Providence Student Handbook.

Faculty requesting permission for guest lecturers to park on campus should email their request.