Crime Prevention Programs

Our crime prevention programs are offered through Campus Safety & Security. Contact the Crime Prevention Unit, 401-598-2947 for more information.


Alcohol Awareness
Discover the ways that alcohol affects the body. In a Fatal Vision goggles demonstration, volunteers are asked to perform tasks with and without the goggles to show how alcohol affects your perception.

Drug Awareness
Learn about the dangers of drugs and how to avoid being a victim of date rape and club drugs.

Identity Theft
Tips on what to do if you think someone is using your information falsely.

Laptop Security
Tactics to minimize or prevent the theft of your laptop.

Project ID
Get your valuables engraved with a unique number that is then entered into a database with your information.

Property Protection
Minimize your chances of falling victim to theft by learning about the strategies thieves have historically used. This program complements Project ID.

Residence Hall Security
Learn how to safeguard your valuables in your residence hall. This class also covers general security issues.

Sexual Assault Awareness
Reduce your chances of becoming a victim of sexual assault, and learn about the resources available to you in the event of an assault.

Street Smarts
Take proactive steps to reduce the opportunity for a criminal act to occur. The foundation of the program is Planning, Alertness, Confidence and Trust (PACT). Plan where you are going, be Alert to your surroundings, walk with Confidence and Trust your instincts.

Travel Safety
Learn how to protect yourself while traveling.