img NMI Safety Security Cruiser 170x150Safety & Security offers a number of services to students, staff and faculty.

24-hour Dispatch Line
Contact Safety & Security at any hour at 305-892-7011 or use a campus emergency phone (blue phone). Communications officers answer emergency, non-emergency and business telephone lines, dispatch security officers for service calls and monitor building alarms and security cameras.

Lost & Found
Safety & Security keeps lost and found items for 90 days, with the exception of student ID cards, which are sent to Student Financial Services. You may inquire about lost items at any time; however, you may only pick them up between the hours of 8am–4pm, Monday through Friday.

The Administration Office/section is responsible for the registration of student, faculty, staff and visitor vehicles, maintenance of all university vehicles, administration of all vehicle requests and the maintenance of all records pertaining to parking citations, applications, appeals, and payment.

Our officers use three patrol methods. Foot and vehicle patrol methods are utilized 24 hours/day, 7 days/week; usage of the bicycle patrol method is weather-dependent. Two vehicle patrols are on duty at all times.

JWU Safe Walk
The Safe Walk escort service is designed to enhance the safety of all students, faculty and staff walking after dark. Campus Safety & Security will respond to requests for escorts to classrooms, buildings, residence halls, parked cars, and other destinations on the campus. Contact the Campus Safety & Security Dispatch Center at 305-892-7011 to request this service.

Student Auxiliary
This group of students supplements the patrol staff by manning the parking lots and checking IDs at various locations.

Feedback and Concerns
Campus Safety & Security welcomes your constructive feedback or concerns about its service and personnel.

For information on our programs and upcoming events, call 305-892-7601.