Crime Prevention

Safety and crime prevention starts with personal responsibility. Please use these tips to make the campus a safer place for yourself and everyone else in our community.

  • Program your emergency contact numbers into your cell phone(s) with the (ICE) In case of an emergency campaign (i.e., ICE 1, ICE 2, ICE MOM, ICE DAD).
  • Keep your doors and windows locked while you are away from your room.
  • Report any door or window malfunctions (especially broken locks) immediately.
  • Walk with another person after dark or call Safety & Security, 305-892-7011, for an escort.
  • Be aware of your surroundings and any signs that something is out of place.
  • Stay in well-lit areas; avoid alleys, dark corners and bushes.
  • Don't carry large sums of money.
  • Lock your valuables securely, even in your room.
  • Mark your property for quick identification and keep a record of serial numbers.
  • Do not risk injury if someone forcibly attempts to take your wallet, purse or personal belongings.
  • Don't attach your ID to your keys, or mark your keychain with your name and address.
  • If your keys are lost or stolen, notify Campus Safety & Security and Residential Life immediately.
  • Get to know your neighbors and share information about suspicious activity.
  • Current contact information is critical to the university's ability to keep you informed of important information. If you’ve moved or changed phone numbers, update your information via jwuLink.

Download our guide to Campus Crime Prevention (172K PDF)

For more information please contact Campus Safety & Security: ph. 305-892-7011

Holiday Safety Tips

The Department of Campus Safety & Security would like to inform you of some Safety Tips before you leave the campus for the holidays. Lock all doors, windows, cabinets and closets. If you have any lock problems, broken windows or read more