Buy your JWU apparel, textbooks and culinary/dining room supplies at our campus bookstore.

Find JWU gear, books and supplies at our bookstoreThe Village Bookstore
Gateway Village, Suite 150
801 West Trade Street
Charlotte, NC 28202
Fax: 980-598-1251

Mon-Thu, 8:30am-6pm
Fri, 8:30am-4:30pm

Shop the online bookstore.

Discount software is available to JWU students and employees at up to 85% off.

You'll also find phone cards and cell phone services, computer and electronic products, health and beauty products, magazines, snacks and drinks.

You can buy new and used textbooks, sell your textbooks back for up to 50% cash, take part in the Rent-A-Text program or buy digital textbooks in the CafeScribe program.

Looking for a good read, but can't find the book in the store? It can be ordered for you at no additional cost.

Eric Price, store manager, 980-598-1252
Christopher Steele, assistant store manager, 980-598-1254

The Village Bookstore is operated by Follett Higher Education Group, the largest educational bookseller in America.