In Case of Emergency (ICE)

In an emergency, time is critical. Getting answers quickly could mean the difference between life and death. In Case of Emergency (ICE) ensures that emergency service providers and public safety personnel have access to essential information in the event that you are incapacitated.

The ICE program got its start in Europe, where rescue workers started a public campaign to get people to put the word ICE in front of the names of important people in their cell phone’s contact directory. When rescue workers arrive on a scene to find an unconscious or incapacitated victim, they immediately look to their cell phone for ICE contacts. They then call the listed person to gain crucial information.

Campus Safety & Security encourages all students, faculty and staff to set up ICE contacts, the most common of which are ICE MOM, ICE DAD or ICE SISTER. Make sure that your ICE contacts are aware that you have designated them as emergency contacts.

Missing Students If Campus Safety & Security determines you may be missing, they will contact certain people to see if they know where you are. Register your confidential contact for a missing student report.