JWU's approach to culinary education is simple: we offer an internationally recognized, industry-developed curriculum taught by the some of the world’s leading chefs.

img Culinary Plating 1 170x150Employers want to hire chefs who have a broad understanding of classic skills, and the management and critical thinking skills to lead a team. At the same time, you need to be able to perform the latest techniques with ingenuity and creativity.

At JWU, you’ll find just such a breadth and depth of training. You’ll work hands-on from day one in real-life industry kitchens. And you'll gain real-life work experience through internships, projects and study abroad.

The focus is on you. Our labs average 18 students, so you receive the personalized attention you deserve. Our chef-instructors give you quality feedback as you develop your technique.

You’ll use the best quality industry equipment and tools to work with, as well as the finest ingredients, including lobster, caviar and even your own private supply of exotic spices.

At JWU we don’t just prepare you for your first job out of school. We prepare you for a culinary career.