Student Projects

img FCM Tech Exhibit 09 170x150The Student Technology and Design Conference is the School of Technology's annual showcase of student work. In addition to showing the range and depth of student projects from the academic year, each student gets a chance to talk about his or her creative process, from development right through to the finished product.

In this slide show of highlights, you'll see how the entire community comes together to share their creative ideas and solutions.

Student projects at the School of Techology are incredibly varied. From DVD packaging and 3-D game design to website development for local nonprofits, you'll have the opportunity to participate in real world projects relevant to your career track and interests.

Recent technology student projects have included:

  • Creating a logo, print collateral and website for a local conservation nonprofit
  • Competing in national technology competitions around the country
  • Documenting workflow processes and project management for an IT consulting firm
  • Designing computer networks and telecommunication systems for an urban public high school
  • Designing and coding a multi-user online critique system for the visual arts
  • Engineering and constructing a swimming pool child safety alarm
  • Photographing and cataloguing digital images for University Publications
  • Presenting applied research findings in 3-D interactive space to Sun Microsystems' research and development team