Culinary Arts

img Culinary Kitchen Studnet CLT 230x160In our two-year Culinary Arts associate degree program you’ll learn classical techniques, as well as develop critical thinking skills within an integrated front-of-the-house curriculum.

You’ll receive hands-on education in food production, while developing professionalism and proficiency in cooking, cost control, nutrition, sanitation and food marketing. You’ll learn advanced techniques in classical/international cuisines, garde manger, patisserie/dessert and a variety of international dining room services.

Our program also provides opportunities to test your skills through national and intra-campus competitions, and expose you to a series of presentations by some of the world's most famous chefs through our unique Distinguished Visiting Chef Series.

Finally, you’ll also take culinary-related arts and sciences classes necessary to career success and apply all of these learned skills through a term of real work experience.

When you graduate you’ll be positioned with connections to some of the world’s best full-service restaurants, hotels, club and resort catering operations, quantity food production facilities, health spas and cruise lines.

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