How JWU Makes an Economic Impact

JWU’s economic impact can be felt both directly and indirectly in all four of our campus communities. In 2009, we commissioned Appleseed, an independent consulting firm, to conduct a community and economic impact study for the university.

Taking into account spending on payroll, purchasing, and construction, off-campus spending by students and visitors, each JWU campus significantly impacts its region.

JWU as Job Generator
In the last three years, JWU’s economic impact has increased by $84 million — from $410 million in 2006 to $494 million in 2009. It is estimated that this universitywide economic output supported the creation of 5,665 full-time-equivalent (FTE) jobs in the Providence, North Miami, Denver and Charlotte areas — an increase of 950 FTEs since 2006.

JWU as Employer
Total employment at JWU grew by 35% between 2000-2005 — an increase of 414 jobs — and by 9% between 2005-2009, representing an additional 170 jobs. In 2009, the university’s payroll totaled $111.6 million.

Campus Construction and Renovation
Since 2000, JWU has spent nearly $400 million on construction of new facilities, renovation and improvements to existing buildings on its four campuses.

In 2009, JWU construction spending totaled $51 million, and directly generated approximately 276 FTE jobs in construction and related industries in the regions in which JWU operates.

University Purchasing Power
In 2009, JWU spent $110 million on purchases of goods and services, excluding construction.

Nearly all of this spending ($108.9 million) consisted of payments to vendors and contractors located in the US. It is estimated that this spending supports approximately 813 FTE jobs with suppliers and contractors in the regions in which JWU operates.

Student and Visitor Spending
Universitywide student and visitor spending has increased by 13% over the past 5 years. In 2009, the combined student ($114 million) and visitor ($17 million) spending on local purchases of goods and services increased from $114 million in 2006 to $131 million.

It is estimated that off-campus student and visitor spending directly supported approximately 1,325 FTE jobs in the Providence, North Miami, Denver and Charlotte areas.

Community Impact
Each year, JWU students, faculty and staff have performed more than 200,000 hours of community service. This has earned each of our campuses a position on the national President's Higher Education Community Service Honor Roll — a federal initiative promoting the engagement of colleges and universities in their communities — for five consecutive years.
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