Economic Impact

In 2009, JWU commissioned Appleseed from New York City to conduct an independent community and economic impact study for the North Miami Campus. The conservative IMPLAM modeling system we chose — widely used in this type of analysis — is tailored to reflect the economic structure of each county in the US and updated annually based on industry and household spending data gathered by the US Bureau of Economic Analysis and the US Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Between 1991 and 2009, JWU has invested an additional $40 million on campus construction and renovation projects. These redevelopment efforts have helped to attract a string of private investment in the immediate campus area, including new condominium and retail development. In 2011, the campus will complete construction of a new student center and a residence hall.

In 2010, JWU employed 233 people at the North Miami Campus, 83% full-time. In 2009, the North Miami Campus spent $15.5 million on purchases of goods and services. In 2009, students and visitors purchased an estimated $16.1 million worth of goods and services from local businesses, supporting an estimated 200 full-time equivalent (FTE) jobs at Miami-area businesses.

Taking into account spending on payroll, purchasing, and construction, off-campus spending by students and visitors (which totaled $43.2 million), and the “multiplier effect,” an independent economic impact study estimated that in 2009, our North Miami Campus directly and indirectly accounted for $63.4 million in economic activity and 743 FTE jobs in Miami-Dade and Broward Counties.

Goods and Services

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