Culinary Facilities

Where you cook is as important as how you cook. At any of JWU’s four campuses, you’ll hone your skills in world-class, professional facilities that bring the industry to you.

Master YoJWU Culinary facilities, kitchen and dining roomur Craft
You’ll work with and learn from the best in our hot and cold kitchens, pastry labs and bake shops.

Our kitchens look and function like those in commercial spaces, and they’re stocked with the finest ingredients and industry-standard equipment.

Manage Supply and Demand
In our store rooms, you’ll learn firsthand what it takes to keep a kitchen stocked and humming. You’ll work with outside vendors, experience all aspects of the supply chain and learn about safe storage and organization.

Refine Your Skills
You’ll learn the secrets of good dining service and how it relates to back-of-house preparation — then work on your customer service in fully-functioning dining rooms.

Wine and beverage pairing is an increasingly important part of fine dining. In our beverage and microbrewery labs, you’ll expand your palette and analyze what makes pairings work.

Learn the Science of Food
Have you ever wondered how wine ferments? Or what makes food spoil? In our microbiology labs, you’ll learn about the biology of food-related processes, and how they relate to food safety.

In order to reach store shelves, food products are tested, analyzed and tested some more. In our product research labs, you’ll work in teams to develop your own market-ready foods.

Get to know our culinary facilities in Providence, North Miami, Denver or Charlotte.

Transforming the Culinary Landscape

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Creating Supermarket-Ready Foods

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