Demonstration Facilities

The HAC Amphitheater is a multipurpose, state-of-the-art demonstration kitchen and auditorium. The intimate 165-seat facility features a culinary work station, including top-of-the-line kitchen facilities, audio visual equipment and Internet access.

JWU Culinary PVD AmphitheaterIt is used for industry presentations by prominent guest speakers and culinary authors, as well as for culinary demonstrations, including the JWU’s Distinguished Visiting Chef program, where the world's most famous and accomplished chefs share their knowledge, techniques and career advice.

The facility is also used to tape television segments, including Cooking with Class, a daily public service cooking segment produced by JWU for Providence's NBC affiliate. In June 2005, the amphitheater played host to the USDA, which selected JWU to unveil its new food pyramid and dietary guidelines to the media.

Computer Lab The culinary computer lab houses 156 networked and Internet-ready multimedia computers in four "smart rooms" and one open room. Software available includes a powerful statistical package, as well as nutrition and menu planning templates.

Culinary Library The culinary library contains a non-circulating reference collection of up-to-date holdings in the field of culinary arts, including periodicals, books, menus and videotapes. The library is wireless and offers quiet rooms for study.

The library is also a member of the Higher Education Library Information Network (HELIN) and the Consortium of Rhode Island Academic and Research Libraries (CRIARL) so that you may borrow materials from other universities within the area.

Hours are Mon-Thurs, 7am-midnight; Fri-Sat, 9am-5pm; and Sun, noon to midnight.