Kitchens and Dining

JWU Culinary Facility Dining Room

Dining Rooms Our four dining rooms are designed to teach you the etiquette of dining, including various service styles ranging from American, to traditional French and even Russian table service. You'll also learn table-side cooking and filleting, table-side dessert preparation, and proper wine and beverage service of all kinds. Here you'll get hands-on experience with front-of-the-house knowledge, service and sanitation skills to set you apart from competition and help you realize your long-term professional goals.

Hot Kitchens Here, you'll learn to think on your feet and adapt to different cooking environments that you'll find anywhere in the world.

You'll find no fewer than 11 different hot kitchens at the Providence Campus. Each lab has a different layout for you to learn to cook in, such as island, parallel, open, u-shaped and American line configuration. An entire kitchen has been imported from France to help you master various kitchen configurations found throughout the world. Another lab is entirely electric, so you'll be prepared to operate kitchens in tall buildings, on private yachts and planes, and aboard cruise ships.

Like all JWU facilities, these various hot labs feature top-of-the-line, industry-standard commercial equipment, such as the Turbo Chef, which can cook an entire chicken in seven minutes. You'll learn how to use the best combination ovens available that allow you to add moisture to dry cooking, and operate remotely from places even including an airplane.

Garde Manger In our two garde manger kitchens you'll be introduced to modern and traditional techniques in preparation of cold entrées, patés, terrines, galantines, chaud-froid and ice carving.

You'll learn the proper use of knives, tools and other specialty equipment as well as how to plan, organize and set up buffets. We even offer one garde manger kitchen completely devoted to soups, stocks and sauces.

Soups, Stocks & Sauce Kitchen As with all JWU campuses, this is one of the most important labs within the facilities network. Here you'll find all the equipment needed to learn the critical foundation skills of sauces and concentrates used throughout your education and culinary career.

You'll learn a wide variety of basic to classical sauces —both hot and cold— as well as emulsified sauces, soups, stocks and more. Unlike some other schools where students create and freeze larges batches, the emphasis here is on small, individual batches that emphasize practice and repetition.

In addition to honing your knife skills, you'll also learn how to cook with commercial equipment such as tilt skillets, kettles, and a Chill Blaster, which can freeze large quantities of hot foods in minutes.