Wine & Beverage Labs

Identifying Microbrews in the Brewing LabAt individual stations in our oenology lab, you'll taste wine and learn to identify its type, year and origin. You'll discuss optimum food and wine pairings as you sample and analyze classic styles of artisan cheese.

Our Coors Brewing Lab is a 2,400-square-foot microbrewery, the first of its kind on any university campus in the country. It includes 10 linen-topped tables, an oak bar, and large copper-clad 5-gallon brew tanks.

Here you'll learn brewing methods and recipes for a variety of beers including lagers and ales, along with knowledge of how to serve beer responsibly.

Our comprehensive approach gives you a distinct advantage as you move into a food and beverage career. "I have been involved in wine education for the past 22 years,” says Patrick Dodd, senior director of corporate training at E&J Gallo, “and have traveled all over the US speaking to hospitality and culinary classes. JWU's beverage wine program is one of the best and most professionally delivered in the country, and JWU students should take the most advantage of it.”