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Johnson & Wales University’s graduate school faculty are active in business, hospitality and education. They bring their extensive real world experience into the classroom, combining industry expertise and the practical insight you need to take your career to the next level.

DiPaola, Thomas, director, Educational Leadership Doctoral Program
Gable, Robert, director, Center for Research and Evaluation
Meikle, Robert, supervisor, Secondary Programs
Whalen, Suzanne, supervisor, Elementary Fieldwork 

Achille, Roger
Boyd, Paul C.
Colbert, Paul J.
DiBattista, Ron A. 
Fountain, Kevin M.
Gray, Gary G., Department Chair
Howes, Timothy
Kim, Min G.
Krupa Jr., John
Perakslis, Christine
Poplaski, Stephen
Robson, Elizabeth
Satterthwaite, Frank
Sivula, Martin

Billups, Felice  
DeMagistris, Denise
Gable, Robert
Jasparro, Ralph
Kite, Stacey
Ward, Cynthia

Marie Ahern, EdD, Johnson & Wales University; MEd, BA, Providence College
Andre Audette, EdD, Johnson & Wales University; MA, Providence College;
BA, Rhode Island College
Jane Bernardino, MEd, Providence College; BS, Bryant College
Donna L. Braun, EdD, Johnson & Wales University; MS, Florida Institute of Technology; BS, Southern Illinois University
Maryellen Butke, PhD, MSW, Smith College; BS, Providence College
Colleen Callahan, EdD, Johnson & Wales University; MEd, BS, Rhode Island College
Robert Camara, MBA, BS, Providence College
Daniel DeCelles, MAT, Brown University; BA, University of Richmond
Eileen DeMagistris, MEd, Rhode Island College; BA, Russell Sage College
Frank DiLorenzo, MST, CAGS, CFE, CPA, MBA, BS, Bryant University
Michael Durkay, MBA, BA, Providence College
Lawrence Filippelli, EdD, Johnson & Wales University; MEd, BS, Providence College
Leslie Goodyear, PhD, MS, Cornell University; BA, Macalester College
Eileen Landay, EdD, Harvard University; MA, Middlebury College; BA, Carnegie Mellon University
Anthony Marsella, EdD, MAT, BS, Johnson & Wales University
Marlene Marshall, JD, Suffolk University; MS, Sawyer School of Management; MS, BA, Wheaton College
Marilyn Matzko, EdD, Harvard University; MSW, Rhode Island College; BA, McGill University
Kimberly McCaughey, MA, BS, University of Rhode Island
Audra McPhillips, BS, Rhode Island College
Paul McVety, EdD, BS, Johnson & Wales University; MEd, Providence College
Teresa Medeiros, MA, Brown University; BA, Rhode Island College
David Mellor, MEd, Springfield College; MA, Providence College; MA, BS, Southern Connecticut State University
Victor D. Mercurio, EdD, Boston College; MEd, Providence College; BA, Boston College
Barbara Nauman, MBA, BS, Johnson & Wales University; BA, North Adams State College
J. Lee Peters, EdD, University of Utah; MA, Ohio State University; BS, Michigan State University
Louise Rosa, MEd, Rhode Island College; BA, Mount Saint Joseph College
Kimberly Rothwell-Carson, EdD, Johnson & Wales University; MEd, Rhode Island College; BA, Salve Regina University
Stephen Sabetta, MBA, BS, Bryant University
Diane Santurri, MEd Johnson & Wales University; BS, Bryant University
Thomas D. Sepe, PhD, American University; MEd, Boston University; BA, University of Connecticut
Trent Theroux, MBA, Bryant College; BS, Providence College
Kimberly White, MEd, MA, BS, Lesley University