Prerequisite Courses

Completion of the minimum prerequisite courses does not necessarily guarantee an interview or admission. Courses in advanced physiology, pathophysiology, microbiology, immunology, genetics, statistics, organic chemistry and biochemistry are highly recommended.

Prerequisites may be in-progress or planned at the time of application, but must be completed by December 2014 and bachelor’s degree must be completed prior to June 2015 matriculation. Any in-progress or planned coursework will be requested as part of the application process. Acceptance will be conditional upon successful completion of prerequisites.

Review of an application may be delayed if the number of completed prerequisites is determined to be too few upon which to make a determination.

All prerequisite courses must be completed with a grade of “C” or better.

  • Biology, human or mammalian preferred, with labs (8 credits)
  • Chemistry, organic and biochemistry preferred, with labs (8 credits)
  • Anatomy & Physiology, human preferred, with labs (8 credits)
    • A&P prerequisite must have been completed within 7 years prior to matriculation (taken summer 2008 or more recently for June 2015 matriculation)
    • Prerequisite must include all body systems and be a full-year (two semester sequence) or the equivalent, consisting of either 4 credits of anatomy with lab and 4 credits of physiology with lab OR 8 credits of A&P I & II (both with lab).
    • Courses devoted entirely to the study of the human species are preferred. Courses devoted to animal physiology, exercise physiology and/or comparative anatomy are not preferred.
  • Math, college algebra or equivalent (3 credits)
  • Psychology/Sociology/Behavioral Science, psychology preferred (6 credits)
  • English (6 credits). Medical Terminology course will not fulfill the English requirement.

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