The Marketing bachelor's degree provides you with a broad range of knowledge and practical skills related to the fundamentals of marketing, from product, pricing and promotion to distribution and customer relationship management.

Upon completion of the program, you are expected to demonstrate the ability to

  • Develop, implement, analyze, interpret, and make recommendations based on primary and secondary research data using qualitative and quantitative methods.
  • Analyze consumer decision making and behavior.
  • Prepare and conduct a professional sales presentation.
  • Develop e-commerce, international and strategic marketing plans.

Specific skills developed include managing market research projects, developing web-based marketing programs, developing and executing brand strategies and the ability to develop and manage comprehensive marketing plans.

You have the opportunity to hone these skills while participating in a term-long internship at a variety of host sites.

You can further customize your degree by taking career and free electives. Free electives are chosen from general studies courses taught at the School of Arts and Sciences. Your faculty advisor will work with you to tailor a program to your interests and career goals.

Upon graduation, you may be employed by retail, consumer goods, industrial or advertising companies in positions that utilize these skills. Typical areas of interest include positions in sales, market research, market analysis, product development or brand management.

You may also pursue in-depth, a subject or area of special interest to you, through a specialized concentration in Fashion, International Business or Operations Management.

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