Our Values

University Dean Karl Guggenmos led the College of Culinary Arts in establishing the following values, which exemplify our commitment to a culinary education without compromise:

Students "Everything we do is focused on your education and career success."

Quality "You’ll receive the highest quality culinary education from the best faculty in the best facilities — period. We prove our quality at the high school level with our own culinary textbook, as well as our proprietary college textbook used only at each of our 4 campuses."

Learn by doing, not watching "You’ll be hands-on from day one and get a real-life work experience as part of your degree program."

Collaboration "JWU’s culinary, hospitality and business colleges collaborate to offer the most degree programs — including curricula designed with industry input — that lead to the broadest range of food careers … something other culinary institutions can’t claim."

Worldwide scope "You’ll learn about cuisines from around the world, and maybe even travel to study abroad."

Professionalism "We employ the same professional standards, rules and competencies as the food service industry, so you’ll know what to expect when you graduate."

Passion "We share your passion for culinary arts. It’s reflected in our commitment to culinary competitions, culinary clubs and Distinguished Visiting Chefs program."

Dean of Culinary Education Announced as New Certification Commission Chair

Karl Guggenmos, University Dean of Culinary Education, has been appointed as Certification Commission Chair for the American Culinary Federation. read more