Culinary Arts and Food Service Management Course Listing

A four-year program leading to the bachelor of science degree for two-year Culinary Arts program graduates.

First two years:    
Associate in Science Degree in Culinary Arts 96.0
Third and fourth years:    
FSM3001 Food Service Management Systems and Human Resource Applications+ 4.5
FSM4061 Advanced Food Service Operations
HOSP3050 Hospitality Strategic Marketing+ 4.5
HOSP4060 Hospitality Management Seminar+ 4.5
Culinary/Hospitality Concentration Three to five courses selected from declared concentration. Some Study Abroad programs offer completion of a Hospitality concentration. 13.5-15.0
Choose one of the following:   
Culinary/Hospitality Electives

Three to five courses with an EHSP, ECUL or EBPA attribute selected from offerings within The Hospitality College of Culinary Arts
Second Culinary or Hospitality concentration. Some Study Abroad programs offer completion of a Hospitality concentration.
Study Abroad
Second Internship

ACCT1011 Hospitality Accounting I and Lab+ 5.5
ACCT1012 Hospitality Accounting II and Lab+ 5.5
ACCT3025 Hospitality Financial Management+ 4.5
CAR0010 Career Capstone 1.0
LAW2010 Hospitality Law+ 4.5
ECON1001 Macroeconomics 4.5
PSYC2001 Introductory Psychology+ 4.5
SPAN1011 Conversational Spanish I: Specialized Vocabulary* 4.5
Electives Two courses with an EASC attribute selected from offerings within the School of Arts & Sciences which may be used towards an arts & sciences concentration 9.0
Choose two of the following:*  9.0
MATH2001 Statistics  
PHIL3040 Ethics of Business Leadership+  
SOC2001 Sociology I  
History One HIST-designated course  
Literature ENG1001 or one LIT-designated course  
Total Credits  97.5-100.5 
Four-Year Credit Total  193.5-196.5 

* Spanish is the required language.
**Students may not choose the combination of MATH2001 and SOC2001 to fulfill this requirement.
+Course is offered both online and face-to-face.

Notes: Students must earn a performance transcript writing assessment of “validated” or “mastered” in order to graduate with a bachelor’s degree.

Study Abroad programs may satisfy a variety of History, Sociology, English and other elective requirements. Contact the Study Abroad Office at 401-598-1406 for details.

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