Meal Plans

On-campus residents have access to their meal plan Sunday through Saturday during the academic year. Participating residence hall students have a total of 15 meals per week of which any unused meals will rollover to the following week.These meals can be used any day of the week (for up to three meals a day). In addition, participating students have 5 flex meals per term to use any way they wish.

Residents of Centennial House, Harborside Village, Renaissance, The Cove and Washington Apartments do not participate in the resident meal plan.  They are eligible to purchase the wildcat meal plan.

All students will have the ability to purchase meals in blocks of 10, 25 or 50. Meal blocks can be purchased online or at Student Academic and Financial Services and can be used at our various dining facilities any day of the week.

Wildcat Meal Plan
Meals can be purchased from Student Academic and Financial Services. All meals must be used prior to graduation day of the year in which they are purchased. The cost of the plan is non-refundable.

Once you have paid for the plan, you can check the status of your meals by stopping by or calling Robert Carpinelli, Student ID Services, x1433. You must present a valid student ID in order to enter any dining hall.

Wildcat Meal Plan Form (121K PDF)

Comments Welcome
Stop by, call or email our office with your questions, input and suggestions — from items you’d like to see on our menus to ways in which we can better serve you. You can find us on the first floor of the Yena Building.

Contact us
Tarah Warner, nutritional analyst, 401-598-2783
Robert Carpinelli, systems administrator, 401-598-1433
Elizabeth Han, administrative assistant, 401-598-4383