At JWU's Providence Campus, get hands-on culinary arts experience 52 specialized kitchens, labs, bakeshops and other related facilities.

Learn to think on your feet and adapt to a diverse array of commercial environments, ensuring that you'll be ready to excel anywhere in the industry throughout the world.

Our LEED-certified Cuisinart Center for Culinary Excellence (CCCE) sets a new campus standard. The customized labs, classrooms and dining rooms of this 82,000 square-foot facility reflect the latest trends in all aspects of the profession.

Hands on Labs by the Numbers
Our labs, conveniently located on our Harborside Campus, include:

JWU Cuisinart Center for Culinary Excellence
  • 52 teaching labs and classrooms
  • 18 academic classrooms
  • 13 hot kitchens
  • 2 garde manger labs
  • 3 bake shops (including an artisan bread lab)
  • 6 pastry labs
  • 2 chocolate labs
  • Storeroom, shipping and receiving area
  • Food/baking science and food microbiology labs
  • Microbrewery
  • Mixology labs

Master various kitchen configurations found throughout the world. Our 13 hot kitchens each have a different layout; one is imported from France, another is entirely electric. Prepare for work on private yachts, planes, cruise ships and more.

Our kitchens also feature top-of-the-line commercial equipment from leading industry manufacturers, such as the Turbo Chef, which can cook an entire chicken in 7 minutes.

Learn how to use the finest commercially-available combination ovens, which allow you to add moisture to dry cooking and can be operated remotely.