Emergency Preparations

In the event of an emergency that requires normal operations to be put on hold so that the university can respond quickly to a developing situation, all students will be informed by university personnel —be they faculty, resident directors and assistants, or other academic and administrative staff— to gather as a group at a specified location. Refer to your campus below.

It is assumed that non-resident students will want to return to the safety of their own homes and families if possible. Unless the situation warrants otherwise, they will be allowed to do so. From that point on, university administration will work in conjunction with local and state officials to determine if any further action is required.

If asked to evacuate, students in residence halls will be asked to wear comfortable clothes and bring a blanket, pillow, flashlight, prescription medications, and any valuable belongings. We will have additional bedding and food supplies on hand in the unlikely event that students and staff would be required to remain at one of the gathering points, or at an evacuation center, for any length of time. All items left in the room should be removed from the floor and placed on top of the bed, chest, or closet. Everything should be unplugged, except for your micro fridge.