Culinary Faculty

The faculty at JWU's College of Culinary Arts are not only accomplished chefs: they're also professional educators with bachelor's and masters degrees and top-notch industry experience. Now they're passing their expertise, techniques and insights on to you.

University Dean of Culinary Development
Guggenmos, Karl J.

Dean of Culinary Education
Lehmuller, Peter

Director of Purchasing and Storeroom Operations
Goellner, Erik

Director of Culinary Operations
Tetzner, Matthew

Department Chairs
Idell, William, Culinary Arts Baccalaureate Program
Korry, Edward, Beverage & Dining Service
Lavornia, Dean, International Baking & Pastry Institute
Marshall, Susan, Food Service Academics
Pothier, Maureen, Culinary Arts Associate Studies
Seyfarth, Todd, Culinary Nutrition
Stansfield, Gilbert, Culinary Arts Associate Studies
Welling, Gary, International Baking & Pastry Institute

Culinary Arts
Adel, Jeff
Aukstolis, John
Berube, Claudia
Delle Donne, Thomas J.
Dion, John
Duffy, Kevin
Fuchs, James
Haddad, Frederick
Hienerwadel, Rainer
Johansson, Steven
Kelly, Peter
Knorr, Juergen
Lewis, Branden
Lucier, Robert
McCue, Ray J.
Melanson, Joseph
Molinelli, Valeria
Mullaney, Francis

O'Palenick, George
Pal, Neath
Petrone, David
Robotham, Ronda
Scaife, Stephen
Smurro, Victor
Terranova, Frank
Vaillancourt, Peter
Wesen, Rolland
Zito, Russ

Culinary Nutrition
Acquisto, Allison
Crawley, Kevin
Cwynar, Elaine
Figoni, Paula
Makuch, Michael
Pias, Andreas
Jonathan Poyourow 
Robinson, Barbara
Rouslin, Janet
Tripp, Lynn

Beverage & Dining Service
Broderick, Jennifer
Choice, Thomas
DeMarchena, Marc
Herold, Katrina
Murad, Mitchell
Pereira, Jennifer
Pettine, Linda
Provost, Thomas J.
Ross, Robert
Weill, Robert

Food Service Academics
Brown, Robert
Chiaro, Jr., John
Kender, Linda
Serra, Louis
Ware, Bradley

Baking & Pastry Arts
Alexander, Jeffrey
Armstrong, Charles
Brancely, Marina
Brown, Tim
Bruehwiler, Christoph
Cirstea, Luminita
DeMaria, Richard
Derron, Jean-Luc
Dolan, Kim
Ferron, Cynthia 
Harvey, Christina
Harvey, Mark
Haas, Lauren
Hitz, Ciril
Lagalle, Jean-Louis
Lagalle, Susan
Mirabello, Stacy
Miscovich, Richard
Pekar, Robert
Piermarini, Craig
Ricci, David
Soliday, Mark
Stamm, Nathan Mitchell
Wollenberg, Kenneth
Zielinski, Robert

Main phone number: 401-598-1130

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