JWU Culinary Clubs & OrgsThere are a variety of student-run culinary and baking and pastry clubs on the Providence Campus that promote a well-rounded JWU culinary education.

American Culinary Federation The purpose of the ACF is to increase culinary knowledge through activities on campus. Major activities include Taste of the Nation and the ACF SE Regional Conference. the junior chapter is part of the professional organization comprised of cooks, chefs, bakers, pastry chefs and a wide variety of food service professionals. The chapter engages in fund raising that provides for scholarships, guest lectures, certification procedures, field trips, seminars and demonstrations. Contact Russ Zito

Bacchus Society unites students of legal age to pursue their passion and interest in fine wines. Contact Marc Demarchena

Chippers Club help students gain exposure to safe ice handling techniques and improve carving skills. Contact Ray McCue

Club of Culinary Excellence devotes its efforts to expanding the knowledge of all culinary students who wish to carry their culinary knowledge to the next level. This is achieved through experiences in the community as well as in the industry. Contact John Aukstolis

Cooking Asia provides JWU students an opportunity to share and discover their passion and knowledge of Asian culture and cuisine through various activities in and out of the school. Our members are students from all academic programs with backgrounds as diverse as the foods we cook. Join us for chef demos, kitchen cook-offs, restaurant and event field trips, and the occasional food tasting, as we build relationships amongst peers and create life-long career connections. Contact Branden Lewis  

Food Science Club gives students an opportunity to gain real world, practical experience in the food science industry by working with industry professionals. The club will host guest speakers who will give presentations on food science-related topics. Contact Paula Figoni

International Food Service Executives (IFSEA) This is a junior chapter of the IFSEA for culinary arts students with career goals of management positions in the food service and restaurant industry.

JbreW was founded in 2004 as the JWU student brewing club to promote the responsible appreciation of finely crafted beers and brewed beverages. Our members are JWU students from all academic programs and activities include all-day micro brewing sessions in the brewing laboratory, local field trips, guest brewer/speakers and comparative tastings (for members over 21.) Contact Jen Pereira

Nutrition Society The students of the Nutrition Society work to expand their knowledge about nutrition and apply it to their cooking skills. The group promotes the importance of good health by performing demonstrations and fund-raisers for various organizations. Contact Todd Seyfarth

Pastry Arts Club helps students to further enhance their culinary educational experience and to provide the opportunity to pursue the mastery of cake decorating. Contact Jean Louis Lagalle

Special Functions Team was founded in 1998 and voted "Student Organization of the Year 2002-2003." The club seeks members with positive attitudes and a strong work ethic. In return, members are highly rewarded through involvement in exciting events, the opportunity to gain invaluable knowledge, and important networking opportunities through volunteer opportunities for the College of Culinary Arts.

For more information contact Student Activities.

Intra-Campus Competitions Fire Up Students

Events like the Intra-Collegiate Culinary Competition allow JWU students to master their competition skills against their peers before competing nationally and overseas. read more