Hospitality Faculty

Our instructors have broad experience in their fields, offer realistic insight into industry responsibilities, and know what it takes to succeed. They are active in industry organizations and conferences, and many have worked internationally.

Every day they bring real world experience, academic theory and concepts into the classroom — to help you understand the keys to successful organizations in the hospitality industry.

Main phone number: 401-598-1476
Petrillose, Michael, PhD; dean, The Hospitality College
Fink, Robert A., EdD, CHE; assistant dean, The Hospitality College
Silva, Karen E., EdD, CHE; department chair, The International Hotel School
Sabitoni, Michael, MS, CHE; department chair, The Center for Food & Beverage Management; The Center for International Travel & Tourism Studies
Pullano, Louis A., department chair, The Center for Sports/Entertainment/Event Management

The Center for Food & Beverage Management
Blum, Ron
Bowman, Patricia M.

Faria, Donna J.

Jarvie, William
Makris, Nicholas
Ross, Alison M.
Sabitoni, Michael J.
Samel, Mathew J.
Stuchel, Douglas
Van Gyzen, Brian A.
VanLandingham, Paul
Warrener, Brian  

The International Hotel School
Bagdan, Paul J.
Boyland, Jane
Davin, Catherine
Giffen, Ryan
Howarth, Debbie C.
Kosky, Leslie
Moussavi, Mansour
Silva, Dale M.
Thorsson, Magnus
Warren, Rex
Zacchilli, Peter 

The Center for International Travel & Tourism Studies
Boker, Eldad
DeSessa, Christopher
Sabitoni, Michael J.

The Center for Sports, Entertainment and Event Management
Drohan, Kathleen
Covino, Elizabeth
Eckler, Brenda Kay
Esckilsen, Lee
Fraser, Andrew R.
Gilbert, Michel
Leary, Patrick
Morris, David T.
Pullano, Louis A.
Silva, Karen E.
Stewart, Robert J.
VanPatten, Elizabeth

Faculty Keep Students Entwined in Industry

Many JWU faculty, like Sherry Andre, keep one foot in the classroom and the other in the hospitality industry. She teaches and works for the Miami Heat as manager of sales administration. Her close ties to the industry have connected her students with memorable industry experiences. read more