Visitor parking is available on campus for visitors with a valid parking permit.

Contact your host department or Safety & Security at 305-892-7604 or 305-892-7011 for more information.

UPDATE: Campus Construction & Driving on Campus
You’ll notice that we’re making several improvements to our campus, including our pedestrian plazas. Traffic and parking will be affected:

  • NE 17th Avenue, between our Academic & Student Center and University Center, is now closed to traffic.
  • You can access the parking garage at the Biscayne Blvd. and NE 130th Street entrance.
  • Street parking along NE 17th Avenue is discontinued.
  • NE 17th Avenue, between NE 126th Street and NE 127th Street (just east of Arch Creek Parking Lot), is also closed to traffic.

Parking Permits
Parking permits are handled by Safety & Security. All student, faculty, staff and visitor vehicles must be registered prior to parking on campus.

Campus Safety & Security is responsible for the registration of visitor vehicles, as well as student, faculty and staff vehicles, the maintenance of all university vehicles, the administration of all vehicle requests and the maintenance of all records pertaining to parking citations, applications, appeals and payment.